Announcing Our 2018 Spring Show

The chorus sings under the direction of John Hayden on the stage of the Concert Hall at Prairie High School.

Let America Sing Again!

The Harmony Hawks present “Make America Sing Again,” a playful poke at contemporary politics, featuring the Harmony Hawks Chorus and our chapter quartets. One show only, 3 p.m. April 28 a the Concert Hall at Prairie High School, 401 76th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids. Two guest quartets highlight this show, and both are district champions. BoomTown from eastern Kansas won the gold medal in 2014, and Cedar Rapids’ own SwitchBack won it in 2015. Also joining us on stage will be Prairie Middle’s A Few Good Men. One show only, 3 p.m. Sat. April 28 at the Concert Hall at Prairie High School, 401 76th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids. Tickets are $5 for students high school age and under, and $20 for adults. Reserved seats are available online at this link. General admission tickets will be available at the door, check or cash only.

Singing Valentines

Singing Valentine_BC.jpegA memory that lasts a lifetime

A quartet from the Harmony Hawks will deliver a singing Valentine, a card and a floral gift to your special someone on Valentines Day, Tuesday, Feb. 14. The cost is $45 for delivery anytime on Valentines Day, or $60 for delivery within a 20-minute window that you specify.

Order now, by submitting the secure form below or call Bob Handley at 319-329-1894 to order this special gift for a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Song Learning Method

(Easy, Accurate and Fast!)

 Balance the left and right channels of your stereo so your voice part on the learning recording is loud enough to be easily heard above the other 3 parts.

  1. Listening Step—While following your voice part notes on the sheet music (if you do not read music, follow the notes visually by contour), listen to your part without singing 2 to 4 times through depending on difficulty.  Listen extra times to places that seem tough or that do not seem to match what you see on the sheet music.

[The recording and sheet music are pre-checked and should match—if you do find an error, please notify the music committee.]

  1. Doo-doo-doo Step—Sing “doo-doo-doo” on your part 2 to 4 times through.  Learn to match the pitches and rhythms of the learning recording.  Set the recording louder than your “doo-ing” and let it lead your learning.  Again, “doo” extra times on the tough places.  If there’s a place too tough to get from the recording, see your section leader—do not “shrug-off” and rehearse mistakes.  On the final doo-ing pass, set the sheet music aside and let the recording lead your ears to the right pitches and rhythms.
  1. Muscle Memory Step—Stand and silently mime the song 2 to 4 times through with the recording.  Breathe and support as if actually singing.  Form vowels and consonants with lips and tongue as if you were singing a perfect rendition.  Silently create the physical throat and larynx formations for accurate pitches and freely produced tone as if singing a perfect unison duet with the recorded voice.  On the final muscle memory pass, set the sheet music aside and let the recording lead your ears to the right muscle memory patterns.
  1. Full Singing Step—Put it all together and fully sing with the recording.  Let the recording continue to lead your learning on the first run-through or two.  Then, on successive reps, gradually shift the channel balance on the stereo until you are tuning your voice to the other three parts quartet-style.

Material contained from “Learning A Song”
Copyright © 2002 by Jay Giallombardo
Copyright controlled by GSB Medal Music, Inc
Used by Permission   All Rights Reserved.

Open House, Guest Night is June 23


Thursday, June 23 will be a special night dedicated to inviting men of all ages to experience the excitement and fun of four-part men’s harmony. Whether you get a specific invitation from one of our current members, or just decide on your own that you’d like to see what Barbershop Harmony is all about, you’ll feel welcome! We’ll show you what happens in a rehearsal, learn a tag to sing in a small group, and see a demonstration of how we learn our music. If transportation is an issue, we’ll pick you up! RSVP to Jack Ray [] or just stop by. There will be cookies!

Cookie Fest this Thursday


We’re invited!

To the Iowa City Old Capitol Chorus annual “Cookie Festival”.

Thursday, May 14 @ 7 -9:30 pm.

Iowa City Robert A. Lee Recreation Center – Social Hall (upstairs) – regular place

Cookies and drinks will be provided by the OCC. If you want to bring something to share, you know I won’t stop you!

If you have a quartet or small group that would like to entertain for us – you may do so at the end of the evening. We have the hall until 10 p.m..

We look forward to having you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email, call, or text :

Chad Knipfer
Director – Iowa City Old Capitol Chorus
319-321-6788 (call or text)

2015 Spring Show

2015 SS LogoThe Harmony Hawks Barbershop Chorus is proud to announce their 65th annual show, “Double The Harmony,” a show doubled-up with great a cappella music from the Harmony Hawks and their quartets, SwitchBack, A Few Good Men from Prairie Point, and the Metro Mix Chorus from Iowa City.  The featured group on the show is Double Date, the 2014 World Mixed Quartet Champion from St. Louis.  Emceed by Andy Peterson, the show will be presented on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the amazing Concert Hall at Prairie High School.

Tickets are on sale NOW at or by phone toll free at 1-866-967-8167.

“Love the Ghoul You’re With…”


The chorus is proud to be the guest group for the MetroMix annual show, Oct. 19 at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. Come see the Harmony Hawks, fresh off their appearance at the Central States District contest, and hear our contest set and a variety of other favorites in a 25-minute set.

Our sister chorus, MetroMix, is Eastern Iowa’s best affiliate of the Sweet Adeline Society. MetroMix is known not only for their fine singing, but great costuming and showmanship. You won’t want to miss this event!

Tickets are $10 and $20, and available by phone at 319-948-9370, and at